My work is eclectic. Every day offers a variety of visual stimuli. I tend to look for fresh insights. Only rarely do I work in a series. Sometimes I make changes on one painting or drawing over a long period of time. At other times I work alla prima. Visible subject matter such as a force in nature or an arrangement of conflicting forces attract my attention and give me the simple pleasure of working concretely while examining the intricacies of relationships in form and color. Other times the paint has priority and I begin by pouring or sprinkling left-over paint onto already prepared watercolor paper. Then I look for what can be found within the character of the "Splotch", such as the nearby painting, "Shoal".

With dry media, I might start with a dot on a page and then expand the dot in all directions. Forms begin to emerge which than take on a life of their own, resulting in either absolute abstraction or abstracted subject matter.

These methods can be found in both the Paintings and Drawings sections under the category "Splotch and Dot".

My enthusiasm for observing human nature made teaching a creative challenge and gave me infinite pleasure but it also enhanced my life long practice of portrait and figure painting. It is important to me to reveal as well as record what I observe in individuals and groups. The portrait to the right is one of a number of students who gave me inspiration and who sat for me in "time-out" moments.

I choose a medium that will suit the attraction of the moment - oil, acrylic, inks, watercolor, gouache, pastel, drawing media. Or anything that is handy.